Administrator Exam

DevResults has developed a standard exam as a tool for training users with administrative responsibilities in the DevResults site. If you provide training to other users on these skills, we advise offering the exam to your trainees to test understanding and reinforce skills. While we're currently unable to certify users who aren't trained and tested by DevResults staff, we hope that this is a useful tool for trainers within your organization. Everything you need for administering the exam is included below. 

Prepare the administrator exam

  • Download the DevResults Administrator Exam
  • Adjust [Level 1] to your site’s first geographic subdivision, e.g. “Region”
  • Print a copy for each participant (portrait orientation, color)
  • Create an "Administrator Exam" activity in your training site
  • Create a checklist template for the exam by copying and pasting this into your Administration > Checklist Templates page. (Replace [Level 1] with your site’s first geographic subdivision.)
Administrator Exam
- Create direct entry indicator with a location reporting level
- Create direct entry indicator with a [Level 1] reporting level
- Create data table
- Create data table indicator: no filter
- Create data table indicator: only count women
- Create formula indicator
- Create activity and assign all your indicators
- Enter data for your direct entry indicators
- Add 10 rows of data to your data table
- Create/save MultiMatrix report
- Email the link to your saved report to your trainer
  • Add a separate checklist for each trainee to the Administrator Exam activity with this template and rename the checklist for each attendee. e.g “Administrator Exam – Jane Smith”.
  • Assign each task to the trainee and assign a deadline of the exam date.
  • Create a results framework called “Exam” with an objective for each participant. They will assign their indicators to this objective.


Introduce the administrator exam by pointing out that our goal here is not that they demonstrate they've memorized everything about DevResults, but that they demonstrate they can complete the most common high-level administrative tasks with the aid of the knowledge base and their peers as resources.

They should only ask the trainer questions if a) they need clarification on the task, or b) they run into something that feels like a software bug.

Remind them to only check off tasks in their own checklist--not the first one that opens. Review and "approve" their checklist items as they complete them, or mark them as undone and let them know they need to revisit.

Assess their completed MultiMatrix report to ensure that in contains only results for each of their five indicators for their activity. Make sure that each indicator is correctly defined with the data source, format, type, reporting level, disaggregations, etc.

If you administer an exam, please let us know at how it goes. We’d love to hear about it.

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