Define an Organization

DevResults offers several tools for defining organizations:

  1. Create or edit single organization
  2. Create or edit multiple organizations using an Excel upload

Note: Any user whose group includes View & Edit permissions for Organizations can create new organizations.

Create an organization

To add a single new organization, go to Administration > Organizations.

This will open the organizations index page. To create a new organization, click the New Organization button in the lower right.

In the Create New Organization pop-up, type the name of the new organization and a short name (nickname or abbreviation) and click the + Create Organization button.

Once you click the Create Organization button, you'll be taken to the page for your new organization. All additional fields on the organization page are optional. The activities and users sections will show which activities and users belong to this organization, once assigned. Assign activities and users to organizations on the individual activity or user pages. 

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Edit an organization

To edit an organization, go to Administration > Organizations.

This will open the organizations index page, shown above. 

Click on the organization you'd like to edit. Make changes to any field. 

Note: You can change any information about an organization without affecting which activities or users are assigned to that organization. 

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Upload new organizations

To add many new organizations at once, you can upload a spreadsheet containing their details instead of creating each organization individually. First, go to Administration > Organizations to open the organization index.

On this page, click on the gear icon and then click Download Blank Template to get an Excel template.

Edit the Excel file by adding the list of organizations you'd like to upload.

  • Organization and Short Name are required; the other columns are optional.
  • You can enter multiple Tags separated by commas, for example: "NGO, Government". These need to already exist in your site.
  • For the Country column, use the two-letter country code as specified by the International Organization for Standardization (sample list available here).

Save your spreadsheet, click the gear icon again, and select Import.

This will open a pop-up window to walk you through the upload process. Choose your file and make sure the summary shows you the expected number of new organizations. If there are any errors in the file, you'll get a message explaining what they are. If everything looks good, click Continue.

You'll get a message saying that the organizations were imported. Once you click Done, your organization index page will refresh and you'll see your new organizations there!

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Edit multiple organizations using an Excel upload

You can also use Excel to update multiple organizations. To do so, use the same instructions as above, but instead of downloading a blank template, choose Export All.

Then edit the spreadsheet that you downloaded -- for example, to add a new tag, edit the short name, or add a phone number.

Note: To edit existing organizations, DO NOT delete or change the organizationID. This is the only way the system knows which organization should be updated. 

When you import the Excel file, existing organizations will be updated with any changes to the spreadsheet.

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