DevResults Challenge 01: ARPs

Welcome to the first DevResults Challenge. We're launching challenges as a way to:

  • Provide users with metrics about their DevResults sites,
  • Offer tips and targets for improving long-term implementation of the platform,
  • And our number one priority, to increase communication about any hurdles you face in using DevResults so that we can help address them. 

Check out our video for all the details. 

Key points from the video


“ARP” stands for “Activity-Reporting Period”. When you assign a reporting period to an activity, you create an ARP. On an activity overview page, click on a reporting period link to see the ARP page: it shows the set of indicators assigned for that activity, for that reporting period. Each ARP has a status. Our challenge to you is to ensure that each ARP in the past has any status other than “no data”. 

Why? Having unneeded ARPs means that you can't distinguish between where data is missing versus where the activity was incorrectly assigned to report for that period. We've seen that taking a hands-on approach to accurate configuration improves reporting completeness as well as organization-wide adoption. 

How to fix it [0:45]

Go to Results > Reporting Periods and check each one. If past ARPs have the “no data” status, we challenge you to:

Check your stats [1:26]

We created an additional tool to help. Go to Administration > Custom Queries, and then click on “ARP stats”. This gives you a current count of past ARPs plus the number and percent that have data. The challenge is to increase this percentage to 70% or even 100%.

Contact us [1:53]

We want to offer additional resources for implementing DevResults and hope this is this is a starting point for more conversations. If this challenge surfaces any hurdles in your work or gives you an idea for another way we could help, please let us know at

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