ARCHIVED: Disaggregation Categories in the Setup Template

Note: As of 2024, DevResults offers a new, more flexible system for creating a new DevResults site. Please see our revised Setup Instructions for information about the current setup process. 

Key points from the video


This video shows how to define disaggregation categories in the DevResults setup template.

Define an indicator's disaggregations [0:06]

  • In the disaggregations column of the indicators tab, list each indicator disaggregation (comma-separated). 

Define a disaggregation's categories [0:13]

  • In the first column of the disaggregations tab, list each disaggregation that appears in the indicators tab. 
  • In the second column, list each category for each disaggregation. 
  • Repeat the name of the disaggregation next to each category. 

Summary [1:03]

  • Any disaggregation used in the indicators tab must be included in the disaggregations tab
  • In the disaggregations tab, each disaggregation category must be listed next to its disaggregation. 

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