Dropbox Integration

DevResults provides unlimited document storage in document folders, but we also offer integration with Dropbox. Currently, this integration is available for the site-wide Documents folder (Global Documents), Activity Documents, and Indicator Documents. Users with View & Edit access to the Program Settings page can enable Dropbox integration by completing the following steps:

For more information on the DevResults-Dropbox integration, read our frequently asked questions.

Enable Dropbox Storage for Your Site

To enable Dropbox storage for your site, go to Administration > Settings.

When the Program Settings page opens, scroll to the Document Storage section and click the circle next to Use a Dropbox account, then click the Connect your account button when it appears.

You'll be redirected to a Dropbox authentication window. First, you'll be asked to sign into your Dropbox account, if you aren't already. The screen display will vary based on your Dropbox account settings, but it will ask you a series of questions to confirm that you wish to authorize the DevResults app to access your Dropbox folders. Click through the Authorize or Allow options, and if you have multiple Dropbox accounts, select the appropriate folder when prompted.

Once you have connected to a Dropbox account, you should be redirected back to the Program Settings page, and you'll now see a new prompt to Select a Folder for Global Documents. If you want to re-connect to a different Dropbox account at any time, simply click Connect your account again and start over.

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Link Global Documents Folder

Once you have enabled Dropbox storage for your site, you'll want to identify which Dropbox folder should serve as your site-wide global Documents folder. From the Program Settings page, in the Document Storage section, below the prompt to Select Folder for Global Documents, click the arrow to the left of the Root folder to expand the folder hierarchy.

Once you find the appropriate Dropbox folder, simply click to select it. It will change to a grey highlight, and the full path of the folder will appear at the bottom.

Any additional sub-folders contained in your select Dropbox folder will now appear in your DevResults Global Documents page, along with all contained files and content.

Note: Any user with appropriate permissions will be able to view, edit, or delete Dropbox documents in DevResults as if they are DevResults documents, even if they do not have explicit individual access to the Dropbox folder.

You can change this Global Documents selection at any time by simply clicking on a different folder, and you can also change your entire site to a different Dropbox account by clicking the Connect your account button again and reconnecting to a different account or folder.

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Link Activity or Indicator Documents Folders

Once you have enabled Dropbox storage for your site, and you've configured your site-wide Global Documents folder, you'll also want to configure individual Activity and Indicator Documents.

To link a Go to the Documents tab for either an activity or an indicator. If you've already enabled Dropbox for your site, you'll see a warning that "Document storage has not yet been configured for this activity." To remedy this, click on the blue Configure button to the right.

You'll see a pop-up window with the folder hierarchy in your Dropbox account. Click the arrows to the left of each folder to expand the folder tree. Click to highlight the appropriate sub-folder in order to associate it as the Documents folder for your activity or indicator. This change will be saved automatically. Click the green Done button to return to the Documents tab.

Refresh the Documents tab page to see files and sub-folders appear. You may now create new folders, upload new files, or delete existing items, and all changes will be synced with your Dropbox folder in real time.

This activity or indicator is now configured to use the designated Dropbox folder.  

Note: Any user with appropriate permissions will be able to view, edit, or delete Dropbox documents in DevResults as if they are DevResults documents, even if they do not have explicit individual access to the Dropbox folder. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find additional information regarding the Dropbox integration.

Why should I integrate Dropbox with DevResults? 

If you already use Dropbox to manage your organization's files, this integration provides three benefits:

  • Clarity: Documents are only useful if they are highly accessible to users, but maintaining parallel filing systems — one in Dropbox, another in DevResults — creates confusion about which system is the "single source of truth" for documents. Linking them together gets you the best of both worlds: Dropbox will persist as your single source of truth, but all your DevResults users can interact with Dropbox through the DevResults documents folders.
  • Access Control: If you have partners who should not see other activities' or organizations' files, giving them direct access to Dropbox can be a bit of a permissions nightmare. Using our integration, you guarantee that partners only ever see the files and folders in the Dropbox folder that you explicitly assigned to their activities.
  • Bulk Updates: If you normally use the desktop client for Dropbox, you can continue uploading and reorganizing documents and folders there. All of those changes will be reflected in DevResults in real-time. Similarly, any changes to files or folders in DevResults will be reflected in Dropbox.

How does it work? 

DevResults utilizes Dropbox' API (application program interface) to access files, folders and content as a third-party app. You can read more about how Dropbox manages third-party app integrations on the Dropbox website.

Who can configure a Dropbox integration? 

Only users who have both View & Edit permissions to access DevResults Program Settings for their site (typically site Owners), as well as access to the organization's Dropbox account, can enable the integration.

Who can make changes to documents? 

Because the Dropbox folders and documents are exposed within DevResults, the DevResults permissions for Documents dictates who can view and edit these documents. If you want to restrict which users can create/edit/delete documents in DevResults and, by extension, in Dropbox, we recommend reviewing all your group permissions for Documents to enforce those restrictions.

How are changes tracked in Dropbox? 

All changes to folders and documents made within DevResults' documents interface will be reflected in Dropbox under the user account provided in the DevResults Program Settings page.

Which parts of DevResults can I link to Dropbox?

At the moment, only document folders, namely:

  • Global Documents (the documents tab in the main navigation)
  • Individual Activity Documents tabs
  • Individual Indicator Documents tabs

At the moment, it is not possible to integrate Dropbox with the DevResults Photos Library.

Can I integrate DevResults with other document storage solutions?

Not yet, though we are always open to investigating new integrations that serve our users. If you have a suggestion for another document storage integration, let us know at help@devresults.com

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