Manage Custom Fields for Activities

Every activity overview page includes a Description section that enables you to add written information about an activity. By default, the fields in this section include: 

  • Context
  • Objectives
  • Summary
  • Expected Results
  • Beneficiary Description
  • Deliverables & Reporting

You can change this list of default fields to define your own set of custom descriptive fields for your DevResults site.

To edit the names of the fields, reorder them, add fields, or remove fields, go to Administration > Custom Fields and make changes to the grid of existing field names.  You can: 

  • Type a new field name into the last row that says "Click to add..."
  • Edit or change an existing field name by clicking in the appropriate cell
  • Reorder field names by grabbing the left edge of the row and moving it up or down
  • Delete fields by clicking on the X to the left of each row

Note: Use of custom activity fields will require you to use the same terms (without spaces, with '&'s spelled out as 'and') in form placeholders.

Warning: Deleting a field deletes all contained text. If an existing field has any entered text, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete that content.

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