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Requesting Meetings with DevResults Team Members:

To request a meeting with a DevResults team member, please email with a detailed list of all your questions or topics you'd like to discuss. We cannot schedule meetings without this information. This is so that our team can:

  • Investigate a problem or question before scheduling a meeting
  • Discuss the questions and answers internally to ensure accurate and complete information
  • Direct you to existing resources in the case that we've already provided answers, explanations, or instructions
  • Schedule meetings with the DevResults team member(s) who are best able to address your questions

If we determine that we can best address your questions with a meeting, the appropriate DevResults team member will reach out with their availability. 

In general, DevResults team members cannot honor meeting requests with less than 24 hrs notice. 

Meetings Logistics:

DevResults uses Zoom for remote meetings with screen-sharing. A link to the virtual conference room will be included in the calendar invite sent by a DevResults team member. 

If possible, multiple attendees should join the meeting from their own computers using their own headsets with microphones. This dramatically improves sound quality. Often it is very difficult for DevResults team members to hear a conversation among multiple people around a single microphone, and using laptop speakers instead of a headset can cause echoes and other sound distortion. 

Standing Meetings:

DevResults cannot grant requests for standing meetings. Every request for a meeting must include the specific questions or topics that you'd like to discuss and will be answered or scheduled separately. 

Semi-Annual Check-ins

Twice a year, DevResults schedules a 45min video call with implementation teams. The check-in covers:

  • Successes and areas for improvement with administering the platform
  • Short tutorials on new DevResults features
  • Updates on new feature development
  • Any client feedback on what's going well with using DevResults for reporting, what hurdles teams are facing, and how DevResults can do a better job of supporting clients' goals. 

DevResults uses Calendly to schedule these meetings. Implementation team leads will receive an email with a link to available dates and times. Select a time that works for your team:

Add the name of your organization and your email to the form. Click on "Add Guests" to add any other team members. 

Press the spacebar after entering an email to ensure the email address has been added. 

Add any additional information and then click "Schedule Event". You will receive a calendar invite with a Zoom link when you do.

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