Pre On-Site Consultation

Before an on-site consultation, DevResults' goal is to acquire a set of program information to set up a functional site. This information should be sent and explained prior to an on-site consultation, so that the visit can be spent finalizing the system and training staff. The better organized this data is to start with, the faster a client will be ready to launch.

  • Install Chrome: DevResults manages large amounts of data, complex queries, and advanced mapping tools. These features are designed to work on modern web browsers such as Chrome. Internet Explorer does not support DevResults' data entry and mapping tools.
  • Buy a Headset:  Individuals will need a headset with a microphone, or headphones plus a laptop with a built-in microphone, or headphones plus a computer with an external microphone. It is imperative that all individuals have their own headphones and microphones. Conference calls might sound fine to the client who plays sound from their computer speaker, but it is extremely difficult for DevResults staff to understand multiple individuals speaking into one microphone at various distances, which is further complicated by the feedback loop caused from their microphone picking up sound from their speakers.
  • Meet Virtually: First, we will meet several times using Zoom (virtual conference software). DevResults will walk through a setup template that shows all the information we need.
  • View DevResults Information Requirements: Please refer to DevResults Information Requirements for an outline of the program information needed.
  • Discuss Information: The goal of pre-visit meetings is to establish a common language and explain the way the program information relates to the site structure.
  • DevResults Builds Draft of Website: DevResults staff will build a draft version of the new client's website. Once complete information is provided by the client, building the draft site will take our team 1-2 weeks. If we need to work with the client to acquire program and M&E information required for setup, then creating a draft site will take however long a client needs in order to provide complete information. N.B. It is not necessary to have final M&E plans for all activities or implementing mechanisms prior to creating a DevResults site, but the more we can set up in advance, the faster the client will be able to use DevResults for program and data management.
  • DevResults Offers Flexibility: It is not necessary for a draft site to be completed prior to an in-country visit. Some clients adopt DevResults to help manage and inform the creation of their M&E plans from scratch. In this case, we're happy to create a site that will facilitate piecemeal addition of program information by the user. We offer training on both configuration and usage aspects. However, when more of the decision-making and configuration work is completed before our visit, there is more time for staff training.
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