Branding and Customizing Your Site

DevResults offers a few options for branding and customizing your site. To make changes to branding and customization, you must be part of a user group that has View & Edit privileges for Program Settings. Options include:

To access any of these settings, go to Administration > Settings.

Program Information

This section lets you edit your site's:

  • Program name (larger text in upper left of all pages)
  • Organization (smaller text in upper left of all pages)
  • Program description 
  • Planned budget (appears in the program statistic dashboard tile for "lifetime budget")

Click in any of the relevant boxes and edit the text.

Note: If you use an internal helpdesk or shared inbox for DevResults or M&E queries, let us know and we can make sure that all DevResults help tickets originating from the app CC that email address well. 

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This section lets you add a message that will appear to all users on the login page. 

You can also upload your organization or program's logo to replace the default DevResults logo in the upper left. This option works best with .png files in grayscale.

To add your logo, click the Update Logo button, select the logo image you have, and click OK. The site should update for all users once you've uploaded the file.

Once you've uploaded a logo, the Update Logo button becomes Clear Logo, and you can click this to remove the uploaded file and start over again.

If your logo does not look good after uploading, please send us the file and we'll work with you to get a more satisfactory image uploaded.

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Custom Color Palettes

If you'd like to add one or more custom color palettes to your DevResults site for your indicator graphs or pie charts, go to Administration > Program Settings and, under the Branding section, click on Add color palette. Use the color pickers and/or enter hex color codes directly to choose your color palette, and add optional textures to further differentiate like colors if you wish.

The texture options are: None, lines, tiny dots, woven, waves, crosses, and dots. 

Click Save to store your color palette preference. You can always edit it later, or add more than one.

The new color palette will appear at the top of all available color options in your graphs and charts.

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Local Information

This section allows you to change your primary country/country code, the primary/secondary currencies on your site, and the display languages that you allow users to select. 

  • To edit the Country or Region, type in the title you'd like to use. For multi-country instances, we use "World" by default, but you are welcome to edit this to something more fitting.
  • The Country Code indicates the country you're working in. Leave this blank if you work in more than one country.
  • Primary currency and Local currency are used for Budget features and dashboard tiles. To set them, select the appropriate currency from the dropdown menus. 
  • Languages: When other languages are enabled for a site, a user can choose to view DevResults in any of these languages. (Note: only the DevResults system text will be translated, not user-provided content like indicator names or activity descriptions.) 

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