Enable and Disable DevResults Features

Organizations might want to disable some features of DevResults if they don't need those particular tools (or use other software to meet those needs) and want to simplify the DevResults user interface. 

To do so, go to Administration > Settings and find the Features section. Disable features by clicking on the check-boxes next to the features. Only users who belong to a group with View & Edit permissions on Program Settings can enable and disable features.

Most of these features are tools that will be removed from Activity pages, shown as blue tabs below the activity name. These tabs can be shown or hidden:

  • Performance
  • Budget
  • Finance
  • Checklists
  • Forms (Form Library)
  • Documents (Document Library)
  • Calendar
  • Photos (Photo Library)
  • Discussion
  • IATI

Additional features can be enabled/disabled:

  • Awarding Organizations: shows/hides the Awarding Organization section on the Activity Overview tab. Also shows/hides the Awarding Organization filter in MultiMatrix.
  • Data Table Row Locking: enables/disables Data Table Row Locking
  • Partner Dashboards: enables/disables partners from creating dashboards. (Partners are users who belong to a permissions group with the "partner" role enabled.)
  • Relational Data Tables: enables/disables Relational (Linked) Data Tables
  • Multiple Funding Sources: shows/hides the Funding Sources grid on the Administration > Funding Sources. (Disable this feature if all of your organization's funding comes from one source, or if you do not need to track any financial information by funding source.) 
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