How are Activities Linked to Data Tables?

When a data table is 'linked' to an activity, it appears in the data table dropdown menu for an activity's reporting period. This allows the activity — and especially the activity's partners — to report information in the data table.

Data structure

  • Data tables are explicitly linked to indicators;
  • Indicators are explicitly linked to activities;
  • Thus, data tables are implicitly linked to activities.

How to link activities to data tables

There are three ways to link activities to data tables:

  1. The activity is referenced in an 'activity' type column of the table, or
  2. The data table is linked to an indicator that is linked to the activity, or
  3. The data table has an activity column, but is not linked to any indicators.

Note: While any of the three conditions above will link a data table to an activity, in order for a data table indicator to populate data for a given activity, the activity must be explicitly linked to the indicator as well.

It is also worth noting that if any data table present has no activity column, it will appear in all activity reporting periods; it is considered activity-agnostic, and therefore will be available to all activities and partners (unless its partner access has been restricted).

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