Form Templates: Activity

The Forms tab in DevResults offers some basic tools to help you create reports in Microsoft Word (or PDFs). You can create form templates for activities, for a single reporting period/activity combination, and for indicators. This page provides placeholders and access instructions for the Activity Form Template type. For detailed instructions on how to use forms, create form templates, format dates, and format text, please see: How to Use Forms.

List of Activity Form Template Placeholders

Activity - Name[[Activity_Name]]
Activity - Short Name[[Activity_ShortName]]
Activity - Code[[Activity_Code]]
Activity - Reference #[[Activity_ReferenceNumber]]
Activity - Start Date[[Activity_StartDate]]
Activity - End Date[[Activity_EndDate]]
Activity - Status[[Activity_Status]]
Activity - Mechanism[[Activity_Mechanism]]
Activity - Sectors List[[Activity_Sectors]]
Activity - Tags List[[Activity_Tags]]
Activity Users - Semicolon-separated list of users for the specified user Role[[Activity_Users:Role=RoleName]] update 'RoleName'
Activity Description - Context[[Activity_Context]]
Activity Description - Objectives[[Activity_Objectives]]
Activity Description - Activity Summary[[Activity_Summary]]
Activity Description - Expected Results[[Activity_ExpectedResults]]
Activity Description - Beneficiary Description[[Activity_BeneficiaryDescription]]
Activity Description - Deliverables & Reporting[[Activity_DeliverablesAndReporting]]
Activity Description [custom field] - e.g. "Tasks & Dates"[[Activity_TasksAndDates]] remove spaces, '&' => 'And'
Activity's Assigned Geographies - Level 1s[[Activity_GeoLevel1]]
Activity's Assigned Geographies - Level 2s[[Activity_GeoLevel2]]
Activity's Assigned Geographies - Level 3s[[Activity_GeoLevel3]]
Activity's Assigned Geographies - Level 4s[[Activity_GeoLevel4]]
Activity's Assigned Geographies - Locations[[Activity_Locations]]
IATI - Activity Scope[[IATI_ActivityScope]]
IATI - Collaboration Type[[IATI_CollaborationType]]
IATI - Default Aid Type[[IATI_DefaultAidType]]
IATI - Default Finance Type[[IATI_DefaultFinanceType]]
IATI - Default Flow Type[[IATI_DefaultFlowType]]
IATI - Default Tied Status[[IATI_DefaultTiedStatus]]
IATI - Capital Spending Percentage[[IATI_CapitalSpendingPercentage]]
IATI - Recipient Countries[[IATI_RecipientCountries]]
IATI - Recipient Countries with %[[IATI_RecipientCountries%]]
IATI - Recipient Regions[[IATI_RecipientRegions]]
IATI - Recipient Regions with %[[IATI_RecipientRegions%]]
Partner Organizations - Semicolon-separated list of organization names for the specified Partner Role[[PartnerOrgs:Role=RoleName]] update 'RoleName'
Primary Organization - Name[[PrimaryOrg_Name]]
Primary Organization - Short Name[[PrimaryOrg_ShortName]]
Primary Organization - Phone[[PrimaryOrg_Phone]]
Primary Organization - Fax[[PrimaryOrg_Fax]]
Primary Organization - Address[[PrimaryOrg_Address]]
Primary Organization - City[[PrimaryOrg_City]]
Primary Organization - State[[PrimaryOrg_State]]
Primary Organization - Zip[[PrimaryOrg_Zip]]
Primary Organization - Country[[PrimaryOrg_Country]]
Primary Organization - Website[[PrimaryOrg_Website]]
Primary Organization - Organization Contact Email[[PrimaryOrg_OrgContactEmail]]
Primary Organization - Organization Contact Name[[PrimaryOrg_OrgContactName]]
Primary Organization - Organization Contact Job Title[[PrimaryOrg_OrgContactJobTitle]]
Primary Organization - IATI Identifier[[PrimaryOrg_IATI_ID]]
Primary Organization - Type[[PrimaryOrg_Type]]
Primary Organization - Activity Contact Name[[PrimaryOrg_ActivityContactName]]
Primary Organization - Activity Contact Email[[PrimaryOrg_ActivityContactEmail]]
Primary Organization - Activity Contact Title[[PrimaryOrg_ActivityContactTitle]]
Primary Organization - Activity Contact Department[[PrimaryOrg_ActivityContactDepartment]]
Primary Organization - Activity Contact Phone[[PrimaryOrg_ActivityContactPhone]]
Awarding Organization - Name[[AwardingOrg_Name]]
Awarding Organization - Short Name[[AwardingOrg_ShortName]]
Awarding Organization - Phone[[AwardingOrg_Phone]]
Awarding Organization - Fax[[AwardingOrg_Fax]]
Awarding Organization - Address[[AwardingOrg_Address]]
Awarding Organization - City[[AwardingOrg_City]]
Awarding Organization - State[[AwardingOrg_State]]
Awarding Organization - Zip[[AwardingOrg_Zip]]
Awarding Organization - Country[[AwardingOrg_Country]]
Awarding Organization - Website[[AwardingOrg_Website]]
Awarding Organization - Contact Email[[AwardingOrg_ContactEmail]]
Awarding Organization - Contact Name[[AwardingOrg_ContactName]]
Awarding Organization - Contact Job Title[[AwardingOrg_ContactJobTitle]]
Awarding Organization - IATI Identifier[[AwardingOrg_IATI_ID]]
Activity Budget - Number of Funding Sources for the Activity[[ActivityBudget_FundingSourceCount]]
Activity Budget - Sum of the Budgeted column of the Funding Sources table[[ActivityBudget]]
Activity Budget - Sum of the Disbursed column of the Funding Sources table[[ActivityBudget_Disbursements]]
Activity Budget - Sum of the Expenses column of the Budget table[[ActivityBudget_Expenses]]
Activity Budget - Sum of the USD (or your primary currency) column of the Funding Sources table[[ActivityBudget_Obligated]]
Activity Budget - Calculates the Obligated value minus the Disbursed value[[ActivityBudget_RemainingBudget]]
Activity Budget - Budget value in your local currency[[ActivityBudget_Local]]
Activity Budget - Disbursed value in your local currency[[ActivityBudget_Disbursements_Local]]
Activity Budget - Sum of the Expenses column of the Budget table in your local currency[[ActivityBudget_Expenses_Local]]
Activity Budget - Obligated value in your local currency[[ActivityBudget_Obligated_Local]]
Activity Budget - Activity Budget divided by total (site-wide) Budget[[ActivityBudget_PercentOfSiteWideBudget]]
Site-Wide - Budget[[SiteWide_Budget]]
Site-Wide - Disbursements[[SiteWide_Disbursements]]
Site-Wide - Expenses[[SiteWide_Expenses]]
Site-Wide - Obligated Amount
Today's date[[Today]]

How to Access this Form

You can access an Activity Form by following these steps:

  1. Go to Activities and select the activity you want to view.
  2. Click the Forms tab.
  3. Click on the Form you wish to see for this activity; it should automatically download.
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