Getting Support

DevResults endeavors to provide user-friendly data and program management tools. If you run into any issues using the software, we're here to help.

Main Reasons to Seek Support

  • You have a question about using the site (e.g. why am I not getting results for my data table indicator?)
  • To report of a potential bug (e.g. the map isn't loading.)

Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether an issue is a question about using the site or if it's a bug in the software. This article provides information about getting help in either case. 

Note: Another common reason to contact us is to suggest a feature. For more information, please see this help page about feature suggestions

Process for Seeking Support

  1. Help Site: The first place to look for support is the help site. Search for key words or browse by category to see if your question has already been answered.
  2. Ask a Colleague: The second place to seek help is from a colleague at your organization who might be more familiar with DevResults or certified as an administrator or trainer. Our goal is always to transfer knowledge and capacity to the folks who are using the software. 
  3. Diagnostics: For some issues, the problem might be an incomplete or incorrect configuration of the site. Many of these issues are captured in our Diagnostics feature. If your permission level includes access to the Diagnostics panel, this help page on diagnostics might help resolve your question. 
  4. Help Tickets: If these options don't answer your question, or to report a potential bug, please don't Tweet or email an individual person at DevResults. Help requests are only addressed through our help ticket system. Please see this page about submitting help tickets
  5. Fixing Bugs: We always dedicate a portion of our engineering staff to being "on-call." An on-call engineer will review your help ticket and if the issue is a bug in the software, the issue will be addressed as fast as possible. They'll contact you to let you know that the bug has been fixed. 
  6. Answering Questions: If your question is about using the site, a member of the data team will get back to you with additional help or resources. If the question would be more easily addressed with a meeting, then we'll reach out to schedule a time.
  7. Additional Training: If your organization would like to purchase additional training, please email us at and we'll put together a plan. 
Didn't answer your question? Please email us at