IATI: Vocabulary Lists

IATI Codelists

IATI standardizes reporting by using codelists. Codelists make IATI data from different publishers comparable by providing everyone with the same set of options for defining their programs. A codelist is simply a defined set of options for categorizing your work. For example, you can pick from a list of countries to define your activity's geographic scope. (These lists are called codelists because each option corresponds to an abbreviation or number to streamline reporting. Afghanistan is AF, Albania is AL, etc.) 

IATI Vocabularies

Some elements of the IATI standard use a single codelist, meaning a single set of options. For example, everyone gets the same six options for activity status: pipeline/identification, implementation, completion, etc. But for some elements of IATI, you get to choose which list you'd like to use. Each list of lists is called a vocabulary. One example is the aid type vocabulary. IATI recognizes three separate codelists from which you can choose the aid type for an activity. 

For more information, please refer to the IATI Standard Codelists.

As a result, when setting up your DevResults site for IATI reporting, you'll need to choose which list you'd like to use wherever IATI provides an option. In other words, for each vocabulary, you need to select a codelist.  

Select vocabulary lists

Go to Program Settings under the Administration tab. In the IATI section, click on the dropdown menu. You'll see four vocabularies: 

Choose at least one codelist for each vocabulary. 

There aren't a lot of options at the moment because we started with the most common choices for each, but these will expand in the future. If you don't see your preferred codelist in the dropdown menu, please reach out to us at help@devresults.com

Once you've added the IATI vocabulary code lists, you're ready to finish configuring your site for IATI exports

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