Training Sites

For every site that we create, we also create a training site. This is a "sandbox" environment where you can try out new settings, changes, etc., without impacting your live site. Information never moves from your training site to your live site. 

In this article you can learn more about:

Accessing your Training Site

The address for your training site is (your site 'subdomain' or name goes in the blank) instead of

Your username for both sites is your email address. Your password for the training site initially will be the same as the live site, but it will NOT reflect password changes made between training site refreshes.

For convenience, when you change your password on your site, remember to also change it at

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Using your Training Site

Your training site has all the functionality of your live site, so anything you can do in one, you can do in the other. The training site gives you a risk-free way to experiment with fake data or demonstrate new features, functionality, layouts, etc., without having to worry that you might impact your live site. It can be very useful for training new staff to use DevResults, testing out changes to activity/indicator/geography mappings, experimenting with new formula or data table indicators, etc.

There are only a few differences between the live site and training site. In the training site:

  • notifications are disabled (so don't worry about spamming anyone but yourself)
  • photos and documents don't transfer from the live to the training site (so you won't be able to download anything that you didn't upload directly to the training site)
  • most noticeably, a red TRAINING banner appears, to remind you that you're in the training site!

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Training Site Refreshes

We refresh the training site on a set schedule: the first Friday of every month, approximately close of business (5pm) Eastern Time. The next first Friday date will appear in the red training banner itself, to remove all uncertainty.

We create the training site by taking a copy of your live DevResults site and overwriting the training site with this copy. Any existing data in your training site will be erased when we complete a site refresh. It will be replaced by whatever data is in your live site.

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How do I identify which site is which?

a) Look at the url. If it includes "training-devresults," you're in the training site.

b) We've added a red banner just under the global (grey) menu so you can tell at a glance that you're in the training site, as well as the next training site refresh date:

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