Troubleshooting Checklist

You or one of your users has issues logging into DevResults and not being able to report data. This quick checklist will walk you through the most common causes for this issue and how to think about investigating problems in DevResults in general.

Can you duplicate the problem?

If you're the user who reported this issue, you can skip this step. But if you're a site owner or administrator and one of your users has complained, start here.

  • Go to Administration->Users.
  • Click on the user who reported the problem.
  • Click the Impersonate this user button in the upper right corner.
  • Can you duplicate the problem they're having? If not, go back to the user and have them show you--this is most likely a problem with their browser version, browser cache, or an internet/proxy server issue.

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Check your Activity's 4 W's: Who, What, When, and Where.

Most inabilities to report data stem from missing one of the 4 W's (Who, What, When and Where) somewhere along the way, usually at the activity level. These steps will help you double-check all of those linkages.

1. Who: On the Activity Overview tab, does the activity have a partner organization assigned?

  • Does it have Staff Roles/Partner Access granted to individuals?
  • If yes to both, follow-up here and in Administration->Users: Is the person who is complaining of not being able to report actually part of the organization or in that list of individuals?

2. What: On the Activity Overview tab, does the activity have indicators and/or results framework components assigned to it?

  • Follow-up in Results->Indicators: Are those indicators actually active?

3. When: On the Activity Overview tab, does the activity have reporting periods assigned to it?

  • Is the reporting period in question assigned to this Activity? (If not, assign it!)
  • Follow-up in Results->Reporting Periods: Are any of those reporting periods actually open for submission?

4. Where: On the Activity Geography tab, are there any warnings that you need geographies mapped?

  • In any of the specific geography tabs (Locations, etc.), are advanced settings enabled and certain results framework sections not checked off when they should be?
  • Are advanced settings enabled and some reporting periods are omitted when they shouldn't be?

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Helpful tools for troubleshooting

If you administer or configure a DevResults site and you can't figure out why something isn't working or you want to check that other people are setting things up properly, check out the Diagnostics Panel. This page exists to help you find potential issues in your site, from duplicate names or codes that might prompt users to select the wrong thing to misconfigured or missing configurations that flat-out prevent an activity from reporting on an indicator. See our help article about our  Diagnostics Panel 

Note: This tool is currently only available to users who belong to permissions groups with Diagnostics enabled with View and Edit access.

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All of that looked fine.

If all of that looked 100% great, now is the time that you or the user should report this as a bug to See Getting Support for tips on getting the fastest resolution possible.

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