When can you complete my new DevResults site?

The timeline for creating your new DevResults site depends on you more than it depends on us. 

The DevResults team can create a new site, complete with your geographic scope and reporting periods, in under 10 business days. But in order for your activities to be able to report data, the activities and indicators need to be defined in the system

Our staff provide unlimited support with organizing this information on your site. Historically, we've collected this information in a single template, imported it to the system, and then users have taken it from there. We've added new tools to this setup toolkit that make it easier to start with a few activities or whatever amount of program information that you have ready to go. 

There's no clear definition of "done" for setting up a DevResults site, because frameworks might change, indicators might be added, activities might finish, and users will come and go. The tools for managing these changes are easy to use, and they're the same tools you'll use for setup. After working through the setup process, you'll be well-equipped to manage your DevResults site going forward. 

Instead of thinking of DevResults setup as something that can be finished, we talk about reaching a "final starting point". Typically, we know that we’ve reached the final starting point when the system is set up so that anyone who needs to report data for the next reporting period can do so. This might be your whole organization or just a few pilot teams. 

Ultimately, you control the process of defining your program information in the system, so give yourself plenty of time to complete that process before you need to use the site. We advise that you budget at least 2-4 weeks of collaboration with our setup specialists, especially for completing indicator definitions. Of course, our staff will be available for instruction and working sessions for as long as you need.

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