New To DevResults?

Welcome to DevResults! To help you get a feel for the site, we've put together a list of articles we think may be helpful.

Want help navigating the site? 

We have several help pages dedicated to navigating the site. Here's an overview of Navigating DevResults and what to click on to get more information. 

Want to understand the concepts behind the way DevResults handles data?

DevResults uses Data Structures to make your collection, management, and dissemination of results as easy as possible. It can be a great resource as you and your organization begin to train users on interacting with DevResults.

Questions about the set-up template? 

DevResults' set-up template helps us build your organization's site to match your needs. If you're involved in setting up a new DevResults site, check out the Setup Template Instructions for what information we need from you.

Trying to understand indicator definitions? 

Start with our Indicator Guidebook to learn about how DevResults defines indicators, or dig deeper by investigating DevResults' three data sources

  • Direct entry for entering indicator results as values
  • Data table for entering indicator results as values
  • Formula for creating records about individual trainees, events, policies, etc.

We've got extra information about data table indicators and disaggregations, too. 

Need to enter or view data? 

DevResults gives you the option of entering data online or uploading data from Excel. Data entry works a bit differently for 'direct entry' indicators versus 'data table' indicators, and depending on whether you're a partner or general user. We have instructions for whatever you need for Entering Data or Viewing Data

To make a report about any indicator data in DevResults, check out MultiMatrix reports.

Are you an administrator?

Have a look at our Permissions Overview to see how to set access levels for different members of your organization and any partner organizations. You can also check out our pages on managing Users & Profiles

An essential role of a DevResults administrator is keeping activities and indicators up to date for reporting. This means keeping the activity list current and making sure that activities are assigned to indicators, to reporting periods, and to the places where they work. The best way to get a feel for this is to Add an Activity on your Training Site. You'll know you've got it right when you can enter data for that activity. 

Wondering how to roll DevResults out to your organization? 

Software adoption across an organization is never easy. We've put together a Change Management Toolkit that may be helpful as you begin to implement DevResults. Let us know what works and doesn't work for you.

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