Video Tutorial: Dashboards

Key points from the video


Dashboards are a powerful tool for visualizing progress and communicating about your work. Each user can create or view their own set of dashboards.

Create new dashboard [0:23]

  • Click on the "plus" sign to the right of any existing dashboards.
  • Give the dashboard a name and click "add". The new dashboard is created as a blank tab. 
  • To build your dashboard, click on "add tile" at the bottom of the page.
  • Select a tile type and fill out the required details, then click "ok". A tile can be resized or moved by dragging and dropping. 
  • Repeat until you have your desired set of tiles.
  • Click on any tile's gear icon to edit additional configuration options for that tile. 

Add someone else's dashboard to your set of dashboards [2:58]

  • Click on the "plus" sign to the right of any existing dashboards.
  • Select the "add existing dashboard" tab. Select the dashboard(s) to include on your page.
  • Choose "add as a copy" if you'd like to develop your own dashboards using someone else's as a starting point. This creates new dashboards that you can rename, edit, and share.
  • Choose "add" to view read-only versions of an existing dashboard.

Push dashboards to other users [3:37]

  • Owners can push shared dashboards to other users. 
  • Click on "manage dashboards" at the top. Select the shared dashboard you'd like to push to other users.
  • Click on "push" and select the users who should receive the dashboard. 
  • You can choose to put the dashboard before existing dashboards so that it's the first thing the user sees when they log in. 
  • Then click on "push".

If you have any questions about any of this, please check out our knowledge base articles about dashboards.

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